has been used by many teachers to provide a safe email alternative for students. The free accounts are managed by the teacher and the powerful filter engine used by Gaggle. For a subscription fee per student, advertisements found on free email pages are removed.

Gaggle is now providing blogs for schools as well.

Gaggle released a safe blogging tool for students last year as part of our free service. It has all sorts of safety features built in:
– You can restrict your student’s blogs to teacher, class, school, district, Gaggle or open them up to the whole world but require a password.
– All student blogs can require teacher approval before being published.
– All images and URLs in the blogs are checked for pornographic content. (It can tell the difference between pictures.)
– All blogs are checked against a school-defined list of bad words and phrases.

Jeff Patterson
President, Gaggle.Net

For more on, visit their website:


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