There are so many ways to keep the lines of communication open to parents. Since a blog is nothing more than an easy-to-maintain website, it becomes a great resource for keeping parents informed.

Dated Material A by-product of posting is the dated nature of information. Yes it does get dated quickly, but it maintains a record of the date the information was posted. The parent knows exactly when the information was made available.  As the information is naturally archived, parents and students can go back through the months and find information that is naturally stored in chronological order.

Searchable  Most blogs have a search feature where you can search for key ideas within just that blog. Search for ‘Test’ and you will probably get every instance of any discussion on tests for that class.

Categories/Tags  Blogs often make available the concept of assigning a category, or tag, to a posting. These categories are automatically maintained by the blog service. Effective use of the categories help the end user to find general information quickly in a large blog.  Clicking on the ‘Spelling’ category would bring up all posts tagged that way, and thus probably give a good listing of all spelling unit words that have been posted on the blog.

Pages  Services such as WordPress give the additional feature of static pages. ‘Static’ because those pages don’t roll down the page as new posts are created. These pages are accessible through user-created links on the main page and stay there until deleted or moved by the creator.  For the parent, this would be a great place to maintain monthly newsletters, classroom guidelines, daily schedules, etc.  The parent would then have access to all of that information at any time.

Commenting  Not actually the best way to communicate back to the teacher, the comment structure of a blog can be useful for parents who wish to collaborate as well.  Classroom party planning, asking other families about projects, or other peer support issues.

These are just a few ideas for blogging with parents in mind. How do you/would you use your blog to facilitate parent communication?