Welcome to ClassroomBlogging.  The gates are wide open and all of the idea-cows are going to run amok. Hopefully, as they run past you, some new idea or concept will appear close enough for you to grab it and make it your own. This is a sharing site meant to make blogging a useful resource for the classroom teacher.

The ‘posts’ on the blog will cover troubleshooting tips as well as instructional ideas.
Please feel free to leave a comment and suggest a topic or pose a blogging question. All educational ideas are welcome. Being that it is an electronic tool, the ‘search this site’ feature on the right should help find information that has been archived or moved off the main page.

The pages listed to the right will stay on the page as permanent resources. More pages will be added as the site grows and better ideas present themselves.

May your classroom adventure be blessed with a rich infusion of technology and may this site help with at least one aspect of it.